Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What's Right (Harlequin Presents) by Melinda Cross

Rating: 5 stars
This review contains spoilers

It starts off slow and a little confusing - but when it hits you its with a kaboom! -

The heroine falls in love with the hero after reading his handwriting (that's right!) and he feels the same for her although he gives her mixed signals. Turns out he's engaged to another ( a disabled lady) and can not break it up cuz he'd been in an accident from which he came out unscathed but her legs were crushed ( although he admits he doesn't love her). There's a side story about a mutual friend who's the sane one(or insane one, however u look at it) in the bunch and keeps telling them that there's something fishy about the disabled lady loving the hero when its obvious he ruined her life and that she's extracting revenge by making him miserable for the rest of life by shackling him in a marriage he doesn't want. The problem is: Both the  hero and heroine are do-gooders to the extreme and would rather sacrifice themselves...

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