Friday, October 4, 2013

Fantasy Girl by Carole Mortimer


"I always get what I want."

Adam Thornton's words struck fear into Natalie's heart. For the survival of her modeling agency depended on keeping him and his company happy. Her own sister--Thornton's Cosmetics' Dream Girl--had put her firm in jeopardy.

And Adam Thornton, her irate client, was not a man to be trifled with.

Ruthless in business, he was also dangerous to love, as Natalie discovered. For what he wanted most of all was Natalie--as his mistress!

Rating: 2.5-3 stars
And I get duped by goodreads ratings - AGAIN!. I'll list things I learnt from this book:
1. BEWARE of this in the synopsis: "I always get what I want."
2. Two sisters may have the same upbringing and still have completely different morals (TRUE).
3. Apparently the culture in London is like Asia where elder sister takes care of the younger one, no matter what...It wouldn't have grated on me if I hadn't watched a Tabatha takes over episode where  sisters operated Mia Bella salon. Talk about dysfunctional.
4. Women dig passive aggressive men (apparently true in lala land).
5. A man can "brutally kiss" a woman for having a genuine friendship with another guy but never tell her clearly that he's not sleeping with his 'mistress' anymore while getting it on with her.
6. Outbursts like "You sold yourself to me", "I don't trust love", " I never want to see your beautiful face AGAIN" and "I don't trust you" from a man may be totally forgotten when he says he does love you (without trusting that feeling) and wants to marry you.
7. After reading Walk by my side by Sandra Field (Review Pending), I have a need to read about unconventional heroines. who're not all gorgeous and dependent on the hero to give them an identity.
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