Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stranger At Winterfloods - Mary Lyons

What else could she do but take the man home?
Surely when a handsome stranger manipulates you into giving him a lift and promptly faints with fever in the front seat of your car, the term "mannapping" hardly applies. Not knowing where he belonged, Polly Preston had simply taken him home.
Granted, "home"--Winterfloods Farm--was two hundred miles from the London hotel lobby where they'd met. But Polly's involuntary houseguest adjusted easily to his whereabouts.
In fact, James Linklater seemed to be adjusting rather too well. Polly soon wondered just how long she could tend to his needs without giving in to his charms!


What a lovely story!!!!  I loved that the hero and heroine truly became friends, laughed together and flirted with each other (which is a very important stage in a relationship). Their love seems genuine and yet when they do get married (half way through the story) they realize that marriage is quite different than love. Wonderful story about compromising and understanding the point of view of your partner. The humor's like Emma Goldrick + Leigh Michaels but with none of EG's heroine's musings. 

TOTALLY recommended.

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