Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Secret Admirer by Susan Napier

Grace under pressureRunning into a potential business partner late at night in a broken elevator - when one was wearing a glamorous fur with nothing on underneath - was awkward, but Grace Blair was cool enough to handle a hot situation.

Her poised, controlled demeanor belied the insecurity she felt taking over her late husband's business empire, but Scott Gregory was able with one caressing glance to strip away all her pretenses. Especially since the handsome New Zealander had made it clear from their first inauspicious meeting that in business, knowledge was power - and that he knew exactly what he wanted.



Rating: 5 stars
This is another master piece from Susan Napier. Personally, after having read 1000s of HQN books, I've started feeling they all read the same way. Not this one. 
1- It has humor
2- It has a surprising connection between the hero and heroine
3- Although the hero pursues the heroine, its a gentle flirtatious form and not forced seduction one (that really irritates me)
4- The hero has a secret too
Highly recommended!
Link to the Goodreads page for the book: Secret Admirer

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