Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Impulsive Gamble by Lynn Turner


Abbie knew that she was taking a risk, but it seemed to be a gamble that might pay off. Malachi Garrett, brilliant engineer-inventor, was so reclusive that hardly anything was known about him. Now here he was, in a bar in Oklahoma, looking for someone to drive his Shelby Cobra car in a race to Washington DC. As a freelance journalist, Abbie couldn't pass up the chance.

Pretending to be a medical secretary urgently needing to read Washington, Abbie talked her way into being the driver. She found out too late that living a lie made her feel very uncomfortable and that she and Malachi Garrett made an explosive combination...

Rating: 5+ stars!!!

[Genre: Sweet/Fun/Old-B&W-Movie-Like]
A)Better than One More Time by Karen Van Der Zee...
B)Hero on par with Peter (Unpred Man, Emma Darcy) and Nick( Pulse of the Heartland, Melinda Cross)I mean, really!!!! AMAZING book. Here's how it starts:

[The heroine overhears two guys talking in a bar - one of them's the hero]

1st guy: 'You know what I'm wonderin'?'
2nd guy: 'No, and to tell the truth, I don't care'
1st guy: 'I'm wonderin' how you've managed to live to the ripe old age of 36, when it's a known fact that you've been brain-dead since birth'
'Strength of will', was the flat reply

a) try guessing which of them's our hero?
b)This is just the BEGINNING. It gets SO much better than this!!!!!
c)If you dig beta heroes who are super smexy (ala Peter in an Unpredictable Man - Emma'll LOVE Malachi - The guy cooks for cryin' out loud!)
d) The more I think about this book,, the more convinced I am that if a person were to read just one HQN, this is it.


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