Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Taken on Trust (Paperback) by Sally Wentworth - Harlequin Presents

Lyn couldn't tell what he was thinking

That was the trouble. Despite their initial conflict, it hadn't taken Lyn long to realize that Morgan French was the only man in the world for her.
What Lyn wanted she usually got and this time was no exception. But Morgan was infuriatingly enigmatic about his feelings for her. And his question--"We'd better get married then, hadn't we?"--was disappointingly casual.
Was he only marrying her because of her wealthy background, Lyn wondered. Or did he really love her?

Rating: 4.75
 Well...any book of HQN that I've read with a groom and a bride on the cover has been a high-drama one and as far as I remember , they've all been very good. This one was no exception. 

When I started reading it, I was like "Oh, no! not another crappy book about a hero collecting the heroine and all that" but I actually felt exactly like the heroine in her reaction to her parents' marriage breakup. I know she acted like a spoiled brat and she lashed out but I loved that because it's human to react badly to a bad situation. I hate it when most authors make the heroines out to be a martyr and self-sacrificing type. I'd want blood as did the heroine. She finds out the H was somehow involved in the scheme and turns on him and I love her sharp retorts. Plus you can feel her pain quite visually so that was great

I usually don't like melo-dramatic books cuz it's easy to go OTT (this one did, too, slightly and I started thinking she was acting badly [which was the whole point of the story...she was!]) but this one worked quite well and I'll defo be reading it again..

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