Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pulse of the Heartland - Melinda Cross

Rating 5 stars

So. Before I go on with why I looooooooooove this book, I have to tell you this: My folks have been married for a long time now and one of the first indications that I had for the fact that they love each other (I haven't seen my folks ever kissing etc cuz PDAs are not part of my culture) was when they would verbally tease each other. Not to belittle each other, mind you, but to bring a smile on the other one's face.

This book is about a woman who's perceived to be a dried prune. To be fair, she thinks all the marriages in the Mid-West are dominated by men while women generally submit to them and then claim to have long-lasting marriages. Her own parents are not spared from being included and she's cynical about the men 'protecting' their women. 

The way the hero draws her out, using humor, small-town-mentality, reasoning, love and patience just makes me want to go 'awwwwwww'!. He uses townspeople as proxy to make the h realize that she can love someone and be equal to them too.

The cover doesn't do justice to the story: Here's what I think the heroine looks like:

[Okay, she's a lil TOO perfect but whatever...and I'm imaging the H to be like Aaron Eckhart with laugh lines and good humor]

I read this when I was a teenager and in the folly of the days gone by, I traded it to an old book shop. I just recently found this book again and you can be sure I won't be parting with it ever!

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