Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dark Fire (Too Hot to Handle, #4) (Harlequin Presents, #1735) by Robyn Donald

Dancing with the devil...
"You're certainly not in love with Paul. Because you want to go to bed with me." Devilish words indeed. But what made Flint Jansen so arrogantly assume that Aura would choose him over Paul--his friend and Aura's warm and loyal fiance? From the moment they met, he had shattered Aura's world. It was true, she found him undeniably attractive, overwhelmingly charismatic. So much so that she now faced a battle with her conscience and with Flint; both demanded that she abandon security and her fiance. She had to cancel the wedding--but could she entrust herself to Flint's dark seduction...?

Rating: 3 stars

First things first: Please keep in mind that I’m a lil dazed and confused from reading too many HQNs (either that or I’m high on tea/caffeine which is plausible) and that my review is totally biased. Ready? Here we go:
1-"You're certainly not in love with Paul. Because you want to go to bed with me." Okay Mr. Wise-guy: I got three words for ya: WHAT THE F***???? HOW DARE YOU? (ok, so that’s 6 words, I don’t care!)
2- Ohlala the heroine is so beautiful, birds chirp when they see her, people tumble over when they gaze at her, yadda yadda…um, cliché much?
3- H is a jack-ass (also known as an alpha-male in some circles).
4- ‘Oh, you feel that? Feel how you burn for me…you biotch, you who**, you…..!’ Um…dude’s got serious anger management/control issues.
5…..you know what? I’m exhausted (both by reading this book and writing these angest filled-thoughts) – Add to that the fact that the temperature was 45+ degrees today so my brain’s just about fried and I’m about ready to charge at someone (preferably the h)[ Edit: The Ending chapter is quite off-the-charts (in a good way) and the ending was mature but I hate it that the authors have to conform to the typical, blackmail/pregnancy/martyr guidelines  to make the stories work :(]
Can’t believe 2 of my fave HQNs (a willing surrender and I-can’t-remember-the-name-of-the-other-one-for-the-life-of-me-right-now) were written by RD

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