Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sugar Daddy - Lisa Kleypas

Sugar Daddy (Travises, #1)

Look, let me get a couple of things straight: 
a) I have been lead to read books by GR ratings which I have not liked at all. 
b) The impression I had of Texas is not very flattering. I considered it to be a dry and dusty place containing ladies competing with big hair dos, drawling accents and men with stetsons 
c) Just the name of the book put me off 


a) Honestly speaking, this book reads more like a young adult for 90% of the time which is OK by me cuz I love the different perspective 
b) The story almost seems like an outsider's view. Lib doesn't seem like a native the way she describes things and that really struck a chord with me. I'm not a native also so it's almost like one tourist giving pointers to others so you connect more with the info 
c) The pace was so swift that I didn't feel that things were either too boring or moving too fast 
d) You honestly feel like whatever happened, happened for a reason 
e) So many valuable lessons learnt about various issues 
f) I have now come to value the Texan culture much better

5 stars

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