Saturday, November 26, 2011

The DIY Bride An Affair to Remember

(Through NetGalley): 
I'm an art-n-crafts freak and am always looking for ways to reuse materials that are available. I was interested in the wedding part of the book because I know for sure that weddings are extremely stressful and there are a million details that need to be overlooked and I also wanted to see if the 'chic' elements had been maintained in the projects. So here's my take on this book: 

It reminded me of 'For better or for worse'(FBOFW), a show that helps execute a wedding in under a week and for a budget of $5000. Needless to say, I loved that show (sigh!). Now moving onto the book: The ideas were (mostly) easy to follow. And inspiring, which is basically why people want to read these kind of books anyway. It sparks creativity in the reader and there is flexibility to change things around to your own suiting but:

1- My main concern with respect to the projects in this book were that there were just not enough projects per theme. It would have been better to pick one (or maybe 2?) wedding(s) and detail all the crafts related to that particular wedding instead of just showing one piece from each. It doesn't give a lot of options if you were inspired by one wedding and wanted to follow it through wholeheartedly. Maybe 2 projects from each wedding might have helped? I can't figure this out. I think it felt disjointed when you jumped from one color-theme/setting to another so quickly.

2-Some of the projects were pretty hefty, cost wise. I guess if people are spending so much time (also discussed later), they'd want to save some serious cash (again, I'm thinking of FBOFW where a lot of people help in an effort to save money). Although most projects were saving major percentage of money, some took longer and didn't save as much money. In such instance, I'd think shopping smartly might have saved more cash than DIY-ing.

3- Time consumption: Some of the projects were too time consuming. Yes, I realise that handmade (so to speak) things take more time, but it'd been better if projects which didn't take too long were featured.

4- The crafts were not applicable to just wedding which was a huge plus: You can use the same ideas when having any party with loads of people coming over. It translates well into a non-wedding scenario.

Overall, I liked reading the book, and hopefully, I'll be able to use these crafts soon! 

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