Saturday, November 26, 2011

dancergirl - Carol M. Tanzman

The Good: 
-Realistic premise 
-Cultural references 
-Jacy going commando (that made me smile [and relate]) 
-Imperfect hero 
-Readable (in one sitting) 

The Bad: 
-Flashbacks to Center Stage, the ballet movie, esp Cisco as the womanizer. 
-Dance terms that I didn't understand 
-Undeveloped side characters which were too one-dimensional 
-The mom's total uninvolvement in the daughter's life (which considering that the mom was an immigrant was truly hard to believe!) 

The Ugly: 
-The Stalking 
-The typical, let's-follow-the-wrong-lead-to-the-max-right-before-the-ending
-The buildup to the finish, I hate it when there's a big scary scene at the end - it's so formulatic, it's not even funny (not that it's meant to be)

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